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Why Do You Write?

Why do you write your own blog? Why give away your time and expertise without getting paid? Is it worth it?

I have been creating content in English for this blog since 2016. Before that, I used other digital outlets, such as DeadJournal, LiveJournal, Blogger, and WordPress.

Earlier this year, I began publishing in Spanish on Medium. I also started my first blog in Catalan as a UAB alumnus, even though the site has been down since October 2021 due to an IT issue.

Additionally, I have shared my content in several social media channels over the years, such as Fotolog, MySpace, Facebook, and Instagram. After a social media break, I began using LinkedIn (since 2017) and Twitter (since 2019) exclusively.

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Some of my articles are available on Buy Me a Coffee. I have also been published by Intercambios — the magazine of the ATA Spanish Division.

However, before I started using technology, I began writing on paper when I was a kid. This is how my love for writing started:

  • In elementary school, I learned that writing was for me. Teachers often asked me to read aloud my papers in class.

  • Years later, I was selected to represent the school in a national writing contest that was sponsored by Coca-Cola and won a regional poetry contest for my school.

  • I began journaling when I was a teenager because I like to write my experiences and thoughts.

  • Still, I did not believe in myself as a writer. "You will not be able to make a living as such," they told me.

  • Since I spoke three languages, I was encouraged to become a professional translator instead. I went for it because I love it — but I never stopped writing.

  • When working in customer service, I was often asked to draft internal documents and external communications.

  • Additionally, I sang and played guitar in a few bands in the 2000s, and I was the person in charge of creating the lyrics.

Writing allows me to learn, express myself, see clearly, and feel good. It also makes things easier to remember.

The time it takes to research a topic and write about it is well-spent because I always learn something new.

While I may not be paid directly for publishing here or on social media, it is continuously helping me find paid work. Therefore, it is worth it!

CONTACT: What Are Your Needs?

Even if I choose to focus on medicine and other life sciences, I am also open to writing content for others. After all, my background is in communication.

If your mission resonates with me and my expertise can be applied to your business, we can discuss a potential collaboration.

Meanwhile, I am happy to continue writing for my audience. That is why I would love to thank my readers and wish all of you a happy holiday season.


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