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Tips to Increase the Reader's Attention

Did you know that visual stimulation gets the reader's attention?

A document with a pleasant appearance will draw the reader through the text and reduce the effort of reading.

Here are some tips to make your content more attractive visually:

  • Focus on key messages because less is more when it comes to clarity.

  • Summarize information and avoid clutter words.

  • Use short, simple sentences because they also work for complex topics.

  • Alternate shorter and longer paragraphs to break text monotony.

  • Use subheadings and bulleted/numbered lists to highlight critical ideas.

  • Use images to clarify complex messages.

  • Do not forget to use plenty of space because it attracts the eye.

If you share content on social media:

Please do NOT use alternative fonts that you can copy and paste from external websites because most assistive devices cannot read them. Make your content accessible!

In this digital era, people are more prone to distract and may, therefore, have shorter attention spans. That is why easy-to-read content is crucial to engage busy readers.

Easy-to-read content is not necessarily about the complexity of the topic(s) being discussed. It actually has to do more with accessibility, design, and formatting.

Have more tips? Please share in the comments below!

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