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Veterinary Translation

In October, I completed another course of AulaSIC's Biomedical Translation Master's program.

Instructed by Nathalie Fernández, this 40-hour course included was divided into the following sections:

  • Veterinary industry

  • Veterinary medicine

  • Food production

  • Institutional sector

Now, I only have the Translation of Medical Devices course left to complete the program!

Most of us may first think of pets when hearing the word veterinary. Yet, this course mainly focused on animals for human consumption, so I saw very little about dogs, cats, and parrots.

Instead, I had to revisit how animals have become devices for mass food production. For those who do not know me, I chose veganism in 2007. That means I make choices that harm animals as little as possible.

While I am glad I learned about the main differences between humans and animals, considering how much veterinary medicine is about animal exploitation, I know this is a field I will not work in.


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