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What I'm Not vs. What I Am

I'm not an expert in medicine. My expertise, which is constantly increasing, is in medical communication.

I'm not a health care provider. I am a communicator who specializes in medicine and other related life sciences.

I don't provide health care advice or services. I help communicate health care advice or services in English, Catalan, and Spanish.

I have to understand how medicine works to do my job, but I don't need to learn to perform it. That's why I didn't go to medical school. Yet, I must invest in continuing education opportunities to produce top-quality work.

Additionally, I am lucky to have a network comprising medical communicators and health care professionals who specialize in communication.

I have some questions for my readers:

  • Did you approach communication first and later specialize in medicine?

  • Or did you choose medicine first and communication later?

  • Do you have resources and experts that you can rely on when you're unsure about something in particular?

Feel free to give a shoutout in the comments below to those professionals who make your job easier!

And if you or someone you know need a medical translator (into Spanish or Catalan) or a medical writer (in English), feel free to contact me.


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