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Style Guidelines for Drafting & Translating Technical/Scientific Texts

Last week, I completed the second course of AulaSIC's Biomedical Translation Master's that began in mid-February. Instructed by M. Gonzalo Claros Díaz, this 40-hour course was about the style guidelines used for drafting and translating technical and scientific texts. That included various topics, such as how to write numbers and units and typographical syntax.

The chapter about units of measurement was exciting. I recently wrote a post about it in this blog, as well as one in Spanish on Medium.

This edition—number 17—of the Biomedical Translation Master's comprises a total of eight courses. The next one deals with medical terminology and will last the entire month of April. Although referred to as a master's, it isn't a college degree. It's a certificate program comprising several courses through November of 2021. Need a medical translator specializing in technical texts? Feel free to contact me!


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