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Don't Seek Validation from Strangers

In my LinkedIn Feed, I often see stories about job seekers being ghosted by companies.

I feel you!

As a freelancer, I may not apply for jobs, but I often deal with ghosting. For instance:

  • After sending my rates to a potential client

  • After confirming my availability to talk/work with someone

Some of my colleagues have also been ghosted after sending invoices. To avoid that, you may want to charge upfront, but that's a topic that deserves its own post.

Waiting for an answer that you may never get is frustrating. You can get used to it, but it's never okay!

I believe that a quick note accepting or declining is a must.

However, there's something that I'm afraid I can't agree with—the entitlement to getting feedback from a hiring manager who doesn't know the candidate.

Unless the candidate took a test to prove themselves, all they need to know is whether they're still being considered for the job.

Imagine you go on a blind date with someone. You happen to like the person; but, instead, you are met with rejection. Would you ask the person why?

Not getting a job (or a project) doesn't mean you messed up or that you're not enough. Hiring decisions are often subjective and random.

People and companies don't always align, and that's okay. Keep looking ahead and forget about those who choose not to invest in you!

In the words of Liz Ryan, "anyone who can't see your brilliance doesn't deserve you anyway."


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