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Here's an early birthday present!

Today I received a recommendation from one of my clients, who is also a good colleague.

I first met Judy Jenner of Twin Translations in Chicago a few months before relocating to Salt Lake City. She had been booked as a speaker at CHICATA's 2019 Translators Institute to discuss essential business strategies. Later, we connected on Twitter.

Judy and her twin sister Dagmar have authored a must-have book called The Entrepreneurial Linguist. They're both great public speakers as well.

The following is the transcription of the recommendation I received:

"What a delight it is to work with Antoni! I retain linguist-colleagues on a very regular basis, and I am so glad I've added Antoni to my list of superstar freelance translators. He did several projects for me in rapid succession, and I am very impressed by his attention to detail, his fantastic communication skills, and, of course, the quality of his translation work. I will absolutely continue coming back to Antoni and his fantastic medical translations. His work is elegant, precise, and he uses gender-inclusive language, which I and my clients expect. Antoni has exceeded my (very high) expectations. Thanks for the great work!"

I'm grateful to have clients and colleagues like Judy.

Through the years, I've learned that professional relationships are never permanent. That's why I like to ask those clients who are awesome for recommendations.

Excellent recommendations often lead to more awesome clients. Having reliable clients is a must to make it as a freelance professional.

If you'd like to read more recommendations from other clients and colleagues, please check the Testimonials section.

*Since my birthday is July 2nd—and America's is July 4th—I will be off through July 5th.


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