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Readability is Key

Nobody wants to read a multi-paragraph email, blog, or social media post. Except if you:

  • Summarize information and avoid clutter.

  • Favor short, simple sentences.

  • Alternate longer and shorter paragraphs.

  • Break text monotony by adding subheadings and bulleted/numbered lists.

  • Use plenty of white space.

That is, readability is fundamental.

Less is often more, but that does not mean you have to do away with key data. Your words can still be successfully conveyed by following the above tips.

Even if it is longer than what standards dictate, your potential readers will be less likely to ignore your message when it is:


well-organized, and

attractive to the eye.

In the end, you cannot please everybody — and that is okay. Only those who get you deserve you. Always be you!


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