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Protecting Your Identity

Different countries have varied resume etiquettes. Candidates may or may not include:

– Their birthdate

– Their mailing address

– Their marital status

– Their personal ID number

Now, if you're going to share your resume publicly on the Internet, it's best not to include the above data. Identity theft is a reality, and you may be risking too much!

Think about it:

Many companies ask their customers to verify the above data through remote channels. You don't want to help thieves impersonate you, right?


It's great to ask for help online to find jobs or get hired as soon as possible – a simple like on social media may go a long way. Just make sure you protect your identity!

Right now, I'm open to working with new clients. Here's a summary of what I do:


  • Translation – General & Medical Documents

  • Localization – European Spanish, US Spanish & Central Catalan

  • Transcription – Phone Calls & Recorded Statements

  • Writing – Social Media & Blogs

  • Editing – Original & Translated Texts

Language pairs:

  • English into Spanish (ATA-Certified)

  • English into Catalan

I've been providing language services since 2004. I hold a licentiate/master's degree in Translation & Interpretation from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Additionally, I continue to educate myself in my fields of expertise.

Let me know if you have any questions here!


Thank you for subscribing!

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