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Based in Portugal

Two weeks ago, I relocated from the United States to Portugal. Now I call Porto my hometown!

While I will continue to have an American address, bank account, and phone number, I now have Portuguese equivalents for my European clients.

How can I help you?

I work as a freelancer providing translation and writing services in English, Catalan, and Spanish.

Do you work in a medical or medical-related field?

I focus on health/patient communication and regulatory affairs. My favorite projects are those where I write or translate about radiopharmaceuticals and imaging equipment.

Are our specialties a match?

These are the types of projects I primarily work with:

  • Clinical trial protocols

  • Educational and marketing materials

  • New drug applications

  • Informed consent documents

  • Patient forms, instructions, and records

  • Premarket submissions for medical devices

And here is a bonus:

Are you looking for a content creator for your blog and social media channels?

Here I mostly write about:

  • Continuing professional development

  • Freelancing

  • Medical communication

Additionally, my articles have been published by The ATA Chronicle, Intercambios, and The Savvy Newcomer.

Happy New Year — and feel free to reach out to discuss your needs!


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