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Mandatory Terminology in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Yesterday I completed the first course of AulaSIC's Biomedical Translation Master's that I began taking in January.

This 40-hour course was about mandatory terminology in the pharmaceutical industry. Some of the covered topics included international non-proprietary names, EDQM documents, the MedDRA dictionary, and post-marketing drug surveillance.

While I knew about most of these topics, it was great to connect some dots and increase my knowledge overall. The course, whose instructor was Paz Gómez Polledo, MD, Ph.D., included a few tests. My final grade was 89.72 percent.

This edition—number 17—of the Biomedical Translation Master's comprises a total of 8 courses. The next one is about the translation style guide that applies to medical documents and will last from this week through mid-March.

Although referred to as a master's, I'm not studying for another university degree. It's a certificate program comprising several courses through November of 2021.

Need a medical translator specializing in technical texts? Feel free to contact me!


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