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It's My Birthday…

… so here's a chance to get to know me better:

  • Available to work this summer.

  • Blogging here about topics like medical communication, education, and freelancing.

  • Catalan is one of my working languages, and I'll always advocate to protect it.

  • Daylight saving time should not become permanent because it would mess up our circadian clocks.

  • English is my "adoptive mother tongue."

  • Freelancing is my go-to mode when it comes to work.

  • Generation X or Millenial? Maybe Xennial? I'm turning 40 today!

  • Healthcare is one of my focus areas.

  • Inclusivity cannot exist without accessibility.

  • Jewish (more culturally than religiously)

  • K may stand for kelvin — the primary unit of temperature in science.

  • LGBTQ+ and not afraid to be disliked for being open about it.

  • Medical texts are my specialty as a translator and writer.

  • No meat eaten since 2007!

  • Ofra Haza's smile and voice are still unmatched, and I've been listening to her music since I was a kid.

  • Portugal has been my new home since December 2022.

  • Q-tips are not something I use to clean my ears (i.e., dry earwax).

  • Regulatory affairs is one of my focus areas.

  • Spanish is my mother tongue.

  • Translation is a service I offer.

  • Utah and Illinois were my home for the previous seven years.

  • Videos — I can transcribe and subtitle them in my working languages.

  • Writing is another service I offer.

  • X and Y — Two letters I got acquainted with while studying Statistics.

  • Z-line may refer to the gastroesophageal junction that joins the esophagus to the stomach.

What would your A-to-Z look like?

Antoni Maroto (also known as The Medical Communicator)

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