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Beware of Machine Translation

Dear medical writer whose native language is not English,

If you need to translate your paper into English, please do not use free machine translation services available on the Internet, such as DeepL or Google Translate.

Just like Alexa can answer simple questions but cannot think for you, machine translation services like Google Translate can help you get the gist of a text but cannot convey complex thoughts correctly.

Translation mistakes can damage your image and credibility — and you do not want that!

Looking to keep expenses low and get results soon may sound like a great idea. Yet, even free services like Google Translate have a price.

Instead of money, you will pay with all the data you input because every piece of information you feed the machine will be saved and owned by it.

Therefore, you must be careful with confidential and sensitive data as you might unknowingly be violating privacy agreements.

Your best bet is to pay a human translator to do the job for you. A specialized translator will make sure your paper is accurate and reads naturally.

If you choose a professional machine translation service instead, I recommend you pay a specialist to review the machine-generated content.

Although I specialize in medical translation into Catalan and Spanish, I will gladly refer you to top medical communicators who translate into English.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions!


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