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My birthday is exactly 2 months away, but the following recommendation feels like an early present:

Dr. Carla Vorsatz is a medical doctor and a founding partner of XSTZ Medical Texts | Textos Médicos, a business offering writing, translation, localization, transcreation, proofreading, copyediting, and scientific review services for medical texts.

Since late 2019, she has been working on the Brazilian version of the Libro Rojo — the dictionary of doubts and difficulties in English-Spanish medical translation published by Cosnautas — that will launch on May 14!

MORE: Tradução do inglês médico para o português

From January 1st to December 31st, 2020, Dr. Carla Vorsatz created posts about medical translation tips about pitfalls and difficulties in medical translation from English into Brazilian Portuguese. Those posts are gathered in a series called #SOSTraduçãoMédica.

In January 2021, she started a new etymological series called #PalavraDoDia. This series aims at familiarizing medical translators with Greek and Latin prefixes, radicals, and suffixes used in the current medical language.

Dr. Carla Vorsatz is one of my favorite people to read on LinkedIn and Twitter, and I am very grateful for her words recommending me:

“Antoni is a gifted translator and skilled writer, with sound knowledge of medical translation and life sciences. He excels also in soft skills, being very kind and helpful to his colleagues. Proactive, he is always producing written material for those who work in the industry, with very useful tips. Highly recommended.”

I have learned that professional relationships may not remain the same through the years. That is why I like to ask those clients and colleagues who are fantastic for recommendations.

Excellent recommendations may lead to more awesome clients — and having reliable clients who give you work regularly is a must to make it as a freelancer!

You can find more recommendations from other clients and colleagues here.


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