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Memsource User Certification

Earlier this month, I passed the Memsource Certified User Test!

Although I was introduced to CAT tools in the 2000s while in college, I only began relying on them a few years ago.

A CAT tool assists a human translator in the translation process. CAT stands for computer-aided or computer-assisted translation. The translation is created by a human — not a machine — while certain aspects of the process are facilitated by software.

Two of the best features are translation memories and termbases, which enhance productivity and consistency.

Over the years, I have tried a few CAT tools, such as Déjà Vu, MemoQ, OmegaT, Trados, Wordfast, and XTM. Still, I never felt 100% comfortable with any of them – until I found Memsource in 2018.

Instead of paying for an expensive license that will likely become obsolete after 1-2 years, Memsource allows you to pay for a more affordable yearly subscription. That gives you access to the latest software updates, so you don't have to pay extra for them.

You can even use Memsource for free if you don't translate regularly!

What I love the most about Memsource is that I can work online and have my documents in the cloud. I can access and edit them from any computer or mobile device.

Among the several CAT tools that I've tried, I find Memsource to be the most intuitive and easy to use. It has everything that I need – and it's compatible with Mac and iOS.

After completing the Memsource User Certification — which certifies me as a proficient Memsource user — my next goal will be the Memsource Trainer Certification in the spring of 2022.

Meanwhile, I'm available to help you translate your medical and scientific documents!


Thank you for subscribing!

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