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Medical Terminology

Yesterday I completed the third course of AulaSIC's Biomedical Translation Master's that began a month ago.

Instructed by Milly Landini, this 40-hour course was about medical terminology. Covered topics included linguistic issues, anatomy, physiology, and pathology.

Having taken on medical translation projects for the last five years, I already knew about most of these topics. I finally understood how to properly use terms like proximal and distal. I also learned that the Spanish word apófisis is translated as process in English.

My final grade was 98.12 percent!

This edition—number 17—of the Biomedical Translation Master's comprises a total of eight courses. The next one deals with clinical trial protocols and will last through the first week of June.

Although referred to as a master's, this isn't a college degree. It's a certificate program comprising several courses through November of 2021.

Additionally, I'm taking a course about chemistry for patent and medical translators. This course is often included in the program I'm taking, but it's not part of my program edition.

Need a medical translator specializing in technical texts? Feel free to contact me!


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