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5 Tips to Increase Your Visibility on LinkedIn

You have been on LinkedIn for a while, but the content you are posting is barely getting any attention.

Here are my tips to change that:

(1) Post original content

Instead of sharing others’ posts, add value by commenting or creating a new post/article based on that content. I especially like this approach when I disagree with certain opinions, and I want to contest them without confronting the person directly.

Therefore, I suggest you create your own conversation and interact with those who add to it!

(2) Do not make it all about you or your business

We are all here to advance professionally, but most of us do not like it when messages turn into direct marketing or me-me-me. Please share your stories and wins, but do not forget to make it about your audience.

Make a difference by helping others, and if you can’t, point them in the right direction!

(3) Do not look down on those who have less expertise than you

People may remember you for accomplishing several feats, but they will never forget you if you taught them how to level up. They will, however, pass on you if you make them feel inferior. Do not shame those who do not meet your requirements or expectations.

We are all learning and doing our best!

(4) Ask for advice/help if you need it

Most of us will likely experience ebbs and flows in our careers. If you do not know how to do something or need advice, ask your network. That will not make you look weak or desperate. Even experts ask others for advice because they do not know everything.

Many of us see other professionals as allies, not competitors!

(5) Limit blaming and complaining

Venting can make us feel good while doing it, but it can harm us in the long term. I am all for calling out unfair practices, both in life and at work, but we must pick our battles wisely. If you choose to do it, focus on solutions. And, again, if you are looking for advice, ask your network.

If you believe others could benefit, share it in public!

What else would you add?


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