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Why the Color Green?

Green is a color that is generally associated with:

  • Calm

  • Ecology

  • Freshness

  • Life

  • Money

  • Plants

  • Safety

  • Tolerance

According to this article, in color psychology, long wavelength colors are considered arousing, whereas colors such as green that have shorter wavelengths are relaxing.

The color green is also linked to health care because it promotes healing.

The fact that I use green in my logo and website to advertise my medical translation and medical writing services is not coincidental.

What about expressions that include the word green?

We have a few in English, such as “green with envy” (envious) or “to be green” (inexperienced or unripe). Those literally translate into Spanish as verde de envidia and estar verde, respectively.

Additionally, there are Spanish idioms that include the word green and convey ideas not listed above.

That is why I have created this presentation for you:

What others do you know? Do you have similar expressions in your language(s)? Perhaps you are familiar with variations of the ones I included above?

Feel free to tell me in the comments!


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