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My Favorite Resources (I)

Last summer, I participated in a 30-day LinkedIn challenge organized by Melisa Palferro. The purpose of this challenge was to become more active on LinkedIn.

That challenge turned out to be a rewarding experience. I was able to learn from other professionals and make new connections. It helped me believe in myself more as a content creator and writer.

One of the challenge activities involved sharing those resources and tools that make your life easier as a professional. In my case, these are some of my recommendations:

1) General Dictionaries

2) Medical Dictionaries

3) Healthcare Resources

4) Continuing Education

There will be at least part two in the future for this topic, and maybe more!

I have a question for those of you who work with the Spanish language:

¿Usáis o conocéis a alguien que use el "Diccionario politécnico de las lenguas española e inglesa (para traductores)" de F. Beigbeder Atienza? Si es así, ¿lo recomendáis? ¡Gracias!

You may answer here. I'm also open to reading your recommendations, so I look forward to hearing from all of you!


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