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Effective Medical Communication

Even if it is just for fun, I will not attempt to diagnose anybody's condition based on the lab results, scanned images, or specimen pictures you have shared on social media.

Photo of a Human X-Ray by Harlie Raethel

Working with medical and medical-related data does not authorize me to practice medicine — or even give health care advice — simply because I am not a physician.

But if you keep reading, you will discover how I can help you:

HINT — Can medicine be adequately practiced without effective communication?

As a qualified translator and writer specializing in medicine since 2016, I can draft, edit, and review your documents for consumers, health care providers, patients, or regulatory agencies.

And if you create audiovisual content, I can also assist you with subtitling!

These are the types of projects I generally take on:

  • Clinical trial protocols

  • Educational and marketing materials

  • Health care agreements and policies

  • Market research

  • New drug applications

  • Informed consent documents

  • Patient forms, instructions, and records

  • Premarket submissions for medical devices

For further information, you may check the monthly round-up I post on LinkedIn. And, of course, I am always only one email away to discuss your needs.

My working languages are Catalan, English, and Spanish. I can also work with Portuguese in a limited but increasing capacity.

I look forward to hearing from you!


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