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Don't Risk It!

Unless you pride yourself on providing the most affordable services or selling the cheapest products, you should never take risks with translation.

Surely, translating "Made in Turkey" as Hecho en Pavo will likely pose zero danger to consumers in the context of the picture above — and even make some of us laugh — but:

In industries like medicine and health care, mistranslations may cost lives!

That is why you should never rely on those who charge less. Instead, look for those who have a number of credentials, such as:

  • A degree in communication, linguistics, translation, or your field of expertise.

  • Enough professional experience to deal with the complexity of your texts.

  • Continuing education to stay updated and add relevant knowledge and skills to better themselves.

  • Testimonials from clients and colleagues who have relied on them for work.

"But won't they charge me more? I need to keep costs to a minimum."

Most likely — but think of it as an investment!

Proofing your reputation may not be free, but it will save you tons of money (and headaches) in the long term. When it comes to saving and improving others' lives, your best bet is to trust those whose value is not just monetary.

Want to discuss your medical translation and medical writing needs with a reliable professional?

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