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Essential Resources: Cosnautas

If you translate medical texts into Portuguese or Spanish, you need trustworthy resources to help you:

  • attain the highest level of quality and accuracy, and

  • be as efficient and productive as possible.

As a medical translator, I could not do my job without the help of Cosnautas.

This essential tool offers different types of monthly and annual subscriptions. My favorite is the Platinum subscription, which gives access to the entire catalog of resources:

  • Alergología e inmunología — an English-Spanish dictionary of allergology and clinical immunology

  • Árbol de Cos — a collection of links to Internet resources for medical translators and writers

  • Covid-19 — an English-Spanish dictionary about COVID-19

  • DDD (Dictionary of Doubts and Difficulties in English-Portuguese Medical Translation)

  • DIC (Diccionario inglés-español de Investigación Clínica) — an English-Spanish dictionary focusing on clinical research

  • DPS (Diccionario ilustrado multilingüe de Productos Sanitarios) — an illustrated multilingual dictionary about medical devices

  • IRIS (Imprescindible Recopilador Instantáneo de Soluciones) — a text analysis tool that converts terms into hyperlinks to relevant information

  • Libro Rojo (Dictionary of Doubts and Difficulties in English-Spanish Medical Translation)

  • Medizin — a German-Spanish Medical Dictionary

  • Siglas médicas en español — a repertoire of initialisms, acronyms, contractions and symbols used in Spanish medical texts

I am grateful to all the professionals who make Cosnautas possible; and not only does that include the people who created these resources, but also the users ¡whose feedback help improve the content of this tool.

Did you know that Tremédica members are entitled to a yearly 10% discount code that can be applied to any Cosnautas subscription?


Thank you for subscribing!

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