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Don't Cut Corners

Did you notice that ß and β are actually different letters?

  • ß is a letter of the Latin alphabet known as Eszett, and it’s used in German to represent the double-s digraph (ss).

  • β is a letter of the Greek alphabet known as Beta, and it may represent the sounds of b (Ancient Greek) and v (Modern Greek).

When searching the web for medical and scientific terms, it’s essential to be as thorough as possible.

As stated in this article:

  • Search engines don’t understand context.

  • Whatever text is typed into the search bar is what the engine looks for.

For instance, if you look for *ß-carotene,* you’ll come up with far fewer results than “β-carotene.”

We don't cut corners

Be careful when taking shortcuts — some characters are not interchangeable and could mislead you!

Fortunately, there are qualified professionals who are happy to help you draft or edit your content.

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