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Last month, I worked on a translation project about lipedemas and lymphedemas.

One of the terms that I learned about is cording, which is formally known as axillary web syndrome (AWS).

According to WebMD, cording is a side effect of having lymph nodes removed due to breast cancer.

When this happens, a cord — or web of cords — develops under the skin on the inside of your arm.

Physical therapy is highly effective for easing cording, which can be uncomfortable and make it difficult to use your arm normally.

Researchers are still studying what exactly makes cording happen, so there is not much medical literature about this condition.

According to one of my best friends, who happens to be a physician, cording is known as "enfermedad de Mondor" or "síndrome de las cuerdas axilares" in Spanish.

I look forward to seeing those terms included in the next edition of the Libro Rojo, a must for any English into Spanish medical translator. I feel honored to have my suggestions there!

What new terms have you learned about recently?


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