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Continuing Education

Renewing my American Translators Association (ATA) membership for 2021 also involved reporting my continuing education (CE) credits for the very first time. It's a must if I want to keep my ATA English into Spanish certification, which I earned in 2017!

The ATA certification is one of the translation industry's most respected and recognized credentials. To earn it, translators must pass a challenging three-hour exam. Yet, that is just the first step of a program that expects translators to continue to expand their professional knowledge.

Therefore, translators must submit 20 hours of CE credits every three years to retain the ATA certification. CE may include any of the following on translation or translation-related topics, such as technology, business practices, or specialty fields:

  • Attending conferences, courses, seminars, and workshops

  • Independent study of educational audio or video, films, slides, Internet, or articles

  • Membership in professional associations other than ATA

  • Provision of pro-bono services, grader training, service in ATA School Outreach/Mentorship, or client education in a formal volunteer capacity

  • Teaching or developing a course, seminar, or workshop

  • Writing/editing books or articles

I find this requirement to be ideal as continuing education helps me excel professionally by meeting my clients' needs. My website includes a section with my credentials listing all the courses and events I've attended since I obtained my Translation & Interpretation degree in 2010.

Becoming a member of professional associations is a good investment for continuing education. For instance, the American Translators Association offers webinars regularly, including a free one every month.

If interested, click here to check my CE credits – and feel free to contact me if you have any questions!


Thank you for subscribing!

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