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Translation of Clinical Trial Protocols

Yesterday I completed another course of AulaSIC's Biomedical Translation Master's program.

Of the eight courses—nine if we count the additional one about Chemistry—that comprise this program that began in January, I only have three left:

  • Translation in the Pharmaceutical Industry (July 2021)

  • Veterinary Translation (September-October 2021)

  • Translation of Medical Devices (October-November 2021)

Instructed by Pablo Mugüerza, this 40-hour course included learning 100 terms that are key to clinical trial protocols.

My final grade was 85.69 percent!

On the other hand, I wanted to let you that I recently found out that someone has been impersonating me. That person claims I'm a clinical microbiologist and researcher.

Just so everything is clear, I'm a linguist who specializes in healthcare and medicine. I write, translate, and interpret.

I'm neither a scientist nor a healthcare provider. Most importantly, I don't offer medical or nutritional advice. I'm not qualified or authorized to do that. It's beyond my scope.

My professional mission is to facilitate communication for the medical industry, healthcare professionals, patients, and consumers.

I work in English, Spanish, and Catalan, and I'm happy to let you know that I'm open to collaborating with those in need of medical translation and writing services.


Thank you for subscribing!

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