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Chemistry for Patent and Medical Translators

Today I completed another course of AulaSIC's Biomedical Translation Master's!

Although Chemistry for Patent and Medical Translators is not part of my master's edition, I chose it as an optional subject.

Instructed by Mar Jiménez-Quesada, this 40-hour course covered the following:

  • Organic Chemistry

  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry

  • Analytical Chemistry

  • Inorganic Chemistry, Materials Science, and Nanotechnology

  • Translating Chemistry – Tricks and Pitfalls

Most of those topics were new to me. That made the course exceptionally challenging, but I enjoyed learning about them very much!

Since I only took Chemistry in 10th grade, I was only familiar with the periodic table of elements and how to name chemical compounds.

Except for this course, this master's program has mostly allowed me to connect and expand on topics that I already knew about.

I'm not new to medicine. I've been translating medical and healthcare-related documents for the past five years.

As that is what I do the most—and I love it—I decided to start marketing myself as a medical translator last year. That comes with a responsibility:

➡️ Continuing medical education!

Learning while working is priceless. Yet, if you want to call yourself a specialist, you have to invest time to learn about your specialties outside of work.

Not only will that allow you to meet your clients' demands, but it will also help you to land new projects.

That's why I chose Chemistry for Patent and Medical Translators. This course will help me understand technical texts better and start working on them.

I look forward to learning more!


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