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The first time I saw the word Bosniak in an imaging report, I thought it was connected with the patient's ethnicity or nationality.

Nonetheless, this term actually refers to the *classification system of renal cystic masses. Those can be divided into five categories based on imaging characteristics:

  • Type 1 – Simple cyst; almost universally benign.

  • Type 2 – Minimally complex cyst (it may contain septa); almost universally benign.

  • Type 2F – Minimally complex cyst (the "F" means follow-up needed); around 5% are malignant.

  • Type 3 – Thickened septa or wall with measurable enhancement; around 50-55% are malignant.

  • Type 4 – Solid mass with a large cystic or a necrotic component; practically 100% are malignant.

A renal cyst is a fluid collection in or on the kidney. The above-mentioned classification system is named after the person who invented it – Dr. Morton Bosniak.

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