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Biostatistics for Medical Translators & Interpreters

Last week, I completed another course of AulaSIC's Medical Translation Master's!

Instructed by Pablo Mugüerza, this 2-hour course dealt with Biostatistics for Medical Translators and Interpreters.

Last year, I took a semester of Statistics and Probability at Salt Lake Community College, which I passed with an A! While this course helped me learn many of those familiar concepts in Spanish, it didn't include any exercises or tests. Fortunately, the teacher shared valuable materials and resources and was available to answer questions from the students.

My edition—number 17—of AulaSIC's Medical Translation Master's comprises a total of eight courses. Additionally, I took an elective course about Chemistry for Patent and Medical Translators.

The instructor mentioned above also teaches another course that is part of my master's edition – translation of clinical trial protocols. While I completed that course in early June, I'm still waiting to know my final grade as I'm writing this post.

Although referred to as a master's, this program that I'm taking isn't a college degree. It's a certificate program comprising several courses through November of 2021.

Meanwhile, I continue to work as a medical translator specializing in technical texts. Feel free to contact me if you'd like to discuss your needs!


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