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Biomedical Imaging Certificate

You may have noticed that I haven't been very active on LinkedIn and Twitter lately. Earlier this month, I decided to take some time off social media to find a better balance.

I thought I would only be 2–3 weeks out, but now I've decided I won't go back until I've crossed out all the items on my to-do list. If you struggle with this, I recommend the LinkedIn Learning course Overcoming Procrastination.

Nonetheless, I plan to continue writing here and on Medium. That's where I began posting in Spanish in February of this year.

After unveiling the website revamp, these are the articles that I've shared here at Antoni's Advice & Adventures:

Regarding imaging myths, I began studying a course about Biomedical Imaging two months ago. While there's still another month to go, I've already attained a passing grade and earned my certificate:

If interested, this course is instructed by The University of Queensland and is available on edX.

Meanwhile, I continue to work with my regular clients. My latest projects have been about the COVID-19 vaccine. Here in Utah, for instance, the general population—age 16 and over—is now eligible to receive that vaccine.

I love that my work will help US Spanish speakers have access to all the information they need about the vaccine in their primary language!

As a medical interpreter, I've already been vaccinated. I'll be able to resume work in healthcare settings starting next week. Since I've decided to become a certified medical interpreter, I'm currently taking a 40-hour program for interpreters as a prerequisite to taking the certification exam.

Next week, I'll resume the medical translation program with AulaSIC, which will keep me busy through the end of April.

I'm excited to continue specializing in healthcare and medicine. Although I know I look like a very busy person right now, I'm open to collaborating with new agencies and clients. Feel free to contact me to discuss your translation needs!


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