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Available This Summer!

I have never been more open to helping others in my career than now, and that is why I would like to ask you:

  • What are your needs?

  • How are you meeting them?

Since that is a private conversation, feel free to contact me via email.


Please reach out, especially if you check one or more of the following:

1) You speak English but need an expert to cater to your Spanish-speaking audience* in either Spain or the United States.

I am a native Spanish speaker who has resided in both Spain and the US, and I also hold the prestigious ATA Certification in the English into Spanish translation pair.

*I also translate (1) from Portuguese and (2) into Catalan — and (3) may work into English.

2) You deal with medical or medical-related content (educational, legal, or marketing texts that are not technical).

Besides my licentiate in Translation and Interpreting, I have a master's in Medical Translation and have completed the following:

• Medical Writing Essential Skills Certificate Program (AMWA)

• Medical Interpreting Certificate Program (MITS)

• Regulatory Medical Writing Program (RAPS)

3) You need consulting (i.e., advice) or technical services (i.e., blogging, editing, social media management, subtitling, transcription, translation, or writing).

I have been facilitating communication since 2004, and before I started specializing in medicine in 2016, I was employed by banking and IT companies for their customer service divisions.


I am free to take on short-term and long-term projects from July 5th through September 15th.

MORE: Effective Medical Communication

I look forward to hearing from you!


Thank you for subscribing!

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