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Welcome, August!

August is here, and I have two questions for you:

How is this month looking? Will your usual collaborators take time off?

I have a few openings, so please reach out to discuss your English into Spanish/Catalan translation and writing needs!

My expertise includes the following:

  • clinical trial protocols

  • educational and marketing materials

  • health care agreements

  • informed consent documents

  • medical opinions

  • new drug applications

  • patient forms, instructions, and records

  • premarket submissions for medical devices

Occasionally, I translate official documents, such as school diplomas and vital records. And chances are that if I cannot translate (or write about) something specific, I most likely know someone who will.

And, of course, I write about medical communication, continuing professional development, and freelancing tips.


I pride myself on my:

• Accuracy

Both writing and translating require excellent attention to detail to ensure that texts are free from mistakes or errors.

As a specialist in medicine and other related life sciences, I adhere to evidence and applicable standards.

• Clarity

Critical information must be easy to read.

I make sure readers can understand and act upon a piece of information after reading it only once.

• Punctuality

Prompt communication is critical to agree on reasonable deadlines.

If requested, I update clients on my progress and go the extra mile to make your lives easier.


Feel free to check the feedback from my clients and colleagues.

And do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!


Thank you for subscribing!

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