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ATA Divisions

Are you a member of the American Translators Association?

I've been an ATA member since 2016, and I currently belong to the following divisions:

  • Audiovisual Division (AVD)

  • Medical Division (MD)

  • Portuguese Language Division (PLD)

  • Science and Technology Division (S&TD)

  • Spanish Language Division (SPD)

Did you know division memberships are included in the ATA dues, and members may join one or more divisions at any time?

The ATA Divisions that Antoni Maroto belongs to are the Audiovisual Division, the Medical Division, the Portuguese Language Division, the Science and Technology Division, and the Spanish Language Division

Member participation is the strength behind ATA's activities and events. Getting involved with the divisions is a great opportunity to connect with others and give back.

Let me know in the comments if you belong to any ATA division!


Thank you for subscribing!

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