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2021 Top Courses & Webinars

Have you started setting your goals for 2022?

If you haven't already, you will need to start thinking about them soon. Just don't forget to give yourself some flexibility!

I'm currently looking at the following continuing education goals:

  • Completing the RAPS Medical Regulatory Writing bundle.

  • Continue learning Portuguese.

However, unlike these last two years, I'm not planning to invest as much in learning. My goal is to practice what I have learned as much as possible.

Still, continuing education (CE) is a must for an independent professional like me. Therefore, I will likely attend a few events and take several courses.

If you're looking for recommendations for your 2022 CE goals, here are the 10 best courses/webinars that I took in 2021:

Additionally, I completed the following programs:

  • Master's in Medical Translation (AulaSIC)

  • Medical Interpreting Certificate (MITS)

  • Medical Writing Essential Skills Certificate (AMWA)

  • Memsource User Certification (Memsource)

  • Develop Your Writing Skills (LinkedIn Learning)

  • Introduction to Biomedical Imaging (The University of Queensland)

Let me know if you have any CE suggestions that I could benefit from.

Happy Holidays!

*This course was in Catalan.

**This course/webinar was in Spanish.


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