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Have You Reached Your 2021 Goals?

Before the pandemic began, I had been accepting occasional medical interpreting assignments for a few years because I decided to specialize in medicine. That helped me increase my knowledge and create a second income stream.

When I enrolled in the MITS* 40-hour program for medical interpreters in March, I was considering becoming certified. This program meets the US certification exams (CHI and NBCMI) requirements, so that would have been my next step.

Although my plans changed later this year, I committed to completing the MITS program:

Both healthcare providers and patients have often told me that I do a great job as an interpreter. Yet, the truth is that I do not feel comfortable doing it.

Not only do I love translation more, but writing is what I find truly fulfilling. While I am not closing the door on interpreting, my focus will be on creating documents.

Graduating from this program meant I had achieved all my continuing professional development goals for this year!

For instance, I recently finished the AulaSIC Medical Translation master’s program:

Additionally, I completed the AMWA Medical Writing Essential Skills certificate program in the summer.

What learning opportunities have you pursued this year? Is there anything you expect to complete before 2021 ends? What are your goals for 2022?

Let me know in the comments below!

*MITS stands for Medical Interpreting Training School.


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