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Finance & Marketing

My professional career began when Deutsche Bank hired me in 2004. My language skills proved helpful there, as well as in later in-house positions.

Later, Sitel Ibérica paired me to work for Endesa (2005) and LG Electronics (2006-2008). I became part of the Banco Sabadell group from 2009 through 2015. Working with one of Spain's top banks helped me learn about:

• Checking/savings accounts

• Credit cards



Investment funds



• Securities

I contributed to the bank's international marketing strategy, most notably on social media.

My years of experience in the financial field led me to translate fact sheets and reports for asset management and investment fund firms.



Healthcare & Medicine

In 2016, I relocated to the US and began focusing on the healthcare sector.

My first client was Stratus Video. Since 2017, I've been collaborating with their translation and transcription divisions. I help clinics and hospitals provide the following to Spanish-speaking patients:

• Educational and Marketing Materials

• Forms and Instructions
• Legal and Financial Agreements
• Medical Records

I work with clinical histories, imaging studies, diagnostic tests, and medical opinions. These mostly involve mental health, oncology, reproductive health, and traumatology cases and topics.

Additionally, I provide on-site interpretation services. My goal is to help LEP patients communicate with healthcare providers.

I continue to educate myself in these fields by attending courses and seminars. Click here to see more.



Other Fields

Early in my freelance career, I worked with audiovisual companies such as AudioProjects and Deluxe. I helped Catalan musicians present their projects to English-speaking audiences. Additionally, I collaborated to translate Twitter into Catalan.


Later, I edited the Spanish version of AJU's Introduction to Judaism coursebook. I also translated kashrut guidelines for the Chicago Rabbinical Council.

Other experiences include working with:

Attorneys to interpret at depositions

Genealogists to translate vital records

Law enforcement agencies to transcribe phone calls and recorded statements.

Students to translate diplomas and transcripts



(+1) 801-413-3750

Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

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