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My areas of experience, interest, and specialization include the sectors listed below:

Stage Lighting Setup


Clients such as AudioProjects and Deluxe have used my services. My experience includes translating credits and scripts, as well as managing subtitling and voice-over projects.

Galeria Àlex Telese—an art gallery from Barcelona—has hired my services to translate brochures from Spanish into English for artists Iñaki Torres and Damaso Reyes.

I’ve also collaborated with various musicians, such as Eva “Lady Stardust” and Mireia “Lady Morte,” to help them introduce their bands to English-speaking audiences.


My background encompasses translating and reviewing applications, diplomas, forms, letters, reports, tests, and transcripts for learning groups and test centers focusing on people with learning disabilities and language barriers.

One of my proudest accomplishments was getting to collaborate with the American Jewish University (AJU). I edited and proofread the Introduction to Judaism course book Sobre un pie—originally published in English as On One Foot.

I’ve also assisted the Chicago Rabbinical Council (cRc) translating kashrut guidelines into Spanish.

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My professional career kicked off when I was hired to work as an operations assistant for Deutsche Bank in 2004. My translation, editing, and interpreting skills would prove helpful there, as well as in later in-house positions.

From 2009 through 2015, I was part of the Banco Sabadell group. My duties included performing transactions and sales of a variety of financial and insurance products. I also assisted in the bank's strategy of internationalization, notably on digital media.

As a freelance translator, I currently focus on fact sheets, reports, and statements for asset management and investment fund firms.


I’m proficient in the translation of agreements, certificates, disclaimers, and vital records for individuals and companies.

As an interpreter, I've worked with several law firms in the Chicago area. I often assist with arbitrations and depositions when one of the parties has Limited English proficiency (LEP). My specialties are professional and medical malpractice.

I also provide transcription services, which requires transforming audio or video files into text—and translating the content for law enforcement agencies if needed.

 Scales of Justice
Business Team


My work as a translator and editor often deals with marketing content. Some brands that have worked with me include GoPro, Nike, and Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona (TMB).

As Banco Sabadell’s former social media manager, my experience involved: composing, editing and publishing content; interacting and following up with customers; gathering and reviewing data; and creating presentations and reports.

Translating creative campaigns for other markets with different linguistic and cultural conventions is known as transcreation.


I team up with numerous hospitals, clinics, and healthcare groups from throughout America to translate and edit content from patient forms, instructions, and medical records.

My experience also includes translating inspection reports regarding pharmaceutical laboratories that have been non-compliant with good manufacturing practices (GMP).

Additionally, I provide patients with interpretation services when visiting primary care providers and specialists.

Neat Computer Desk


From 2005 through 2008, I was employed by SITEL, an outsourcing company whose focus is on the IT industry. As a technical support representative, I worked for Endesa and LG Electronics.

My skills catered to non-Spanish departments and customers. I gained some wide knowledge of technology and electronic products, including mobile devices and computers, televisions, kitchen and laundry appliances, and air conditioners.

Years later, I would collaborate as a freelance translator and editor with Dell, Google, and Intel.



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