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Credentials: About


Communication & Medicine


Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (2010)

My alma mater is the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) — a public university located in Catalonia (Spain*).

A licentiate is a degree below a Ph.D. that was available in Spain until 2010. According to Spain's Royal Decree 967/2014 of November 21, my licentiate was made equivalent to a master's degree.


AulaSIC (2021)

AulaSIC is a private company based in Spain that offers online education opportunities for translators and interpreters.

Their master's in medical translation is a 282-hour program comprising eight mandatory courses. Additionally, I took the Chemistry for Translators course as an elective subject.


Medical Interpreting Training School (2021)

The Medical Interpreting Training School (MITS) is a US-based private company offering online training for healthcare interpreters.

Their 40-hour program for Spanish language interpreters comprises ten mandatory courses, which meets the requirements for the national certification exams (i.e., CHI and NBCMI).


American Medical Writers Association (2021)

The American Medical Writers Association (AMWA) is an educational organization that promotes excellence in medical communication.

Their essential skills certificate program comprises the study of seven workbooks for a total of eight credits, and it covers the essentials needed to become a medical writer.

Credentials: Services


Meeting My Clients Expectations


American Medical Writers Association (AMWA):

  • Beyond Words — Using Visuals to Create Effective Patient Education (one-hour conference session)

  • CER 101 — Introduction to Clinical Evaluation Report for Medical Writers (one-hour webinar)

  • Computer-Aided Regulatory Writing (one-hour conference roundtable)

  • Creating a Highly Effective Road Map for Clinical Research — Authoring the Clinical Study Protocol (one-hour webinar)

  • Differences and Similarities Between Publication and Regulatory Medical Writing (one-hour webinar)

  • The Different Types of Medical Writers (one-hour webinar)

  • Fighting Burnout at Home — The Hidden Values of Healthy Habits (one-hour conference session)

  • FIT Series — Misplaced Modifiers (one-hour activity)

  • Guidelines for Document Designers (109-page book)

  • How to Check Consistency and Enforce Your House Style — Using PerfectIt in Publications and Regulatory Submissions (one-hour conference session)

  • How to Work With Second Language Research Authors (one-hour webinar)

  • A Medical Writer's Guide to Using Master Protocols (one-hour conference session)

  • Mining Medical Information (one-hour webinar)

  • Nonclinical Regulatory Writing for Biologics — Case Study of a Regulatory Submission for Emergency Approval of a SARS-CoV-2 Monoclonal Antibody Treatment (one-hour conference session)

  • Overview of the New AMA Manual of Style, 11th Edition (one-hour webinar)

  • What it means to be a science communicator — From part-time volunteering to a full-time career (one-hour webinar)


American Translators Association (ATA):

  • A 2022 Medical Terminology Update (one-hour conference session)

  • Ensuring Accuracy — A Workshop on Medical Back Translation (one-hour conference session)

  • From A1c to ZN — Medical Acronyms for Translators and Interpreters (one-hour conference session)

  • From Stagnant to Vibrant — How I Rebuilt My Translation Business from the Ground Up (one-hour webinar)

  • Institutional Websites — Tera-Resources for Translators (one-hour conference session)

  • Language and COVID — An Overview of Pandemic-Related Medical Translation (one-hour conference session)

  • Sharpen Your English Scientific Writing Skills (one-hour conference session)

  • There’s a Vax for That — Exploring Different Types of Vaccines (one-hour conference session)

  • Vicarious Trauma and Language Professionals (two-hour webinar)

Asociación Internacional de Traductores y Redactores de Medicina y Ciencias Afines (TREMÉDICA):

  • Writing about Immunology in Spanish (two-hour webinar)

International Council for Harmonisation of Technical Requirements for Pharmaceuticals for Human Use (ICH):


  • What is MedDRA and How is it Used? (two-hour webinar)

  • What is New in MedDRA Version 25.0 and the MSSO (one-hour webinar)

LinkedIn Learning:

  • Learning Excel — Data Analysis (two-hour course)

  • Non-Technical Skills of Effective Data Scientists (one-hour course)


Medical Center of the Americas (MCA) Foundation:

  • Demystifying the FDA (one-hour webinar)

  • Pre-Market Approval and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day (one-hour webinar)

  • Design Controls and Risk Management (two-hour webinar)

Regulatory Affairs Professional Society (RAPS):

  • Changing Medical Device Regulations in the UK (one-hour webinar)

  • COVID-19 EUAs — The Beginning of the End (one-hour webinar)

  • COVID-19 In Vitro Diagnostics — A Look into FDA’s Regulatory Response (one-hour webinar)

  • Intermediate Medical Writing — Medical Devices (four-hour course)

  • Intermediate Medical Writing — Pharmaceutical and Biologics (six-hour course)

  • Manage Risk — Or It Will Manage You! (one-hour webinar)

  • Meet the Authors — Orphan Drug Development for Rare Diseases (one-hour webinar)

  • Regulatory Impact of Storing and Shipping Temperature Sensitive Products (one-hour webinar)

TRADUSA Encontros, Cursos e Oficinas:

  • How to Use the “Dictionary of Doubts and Difficulties in English-Portuguese Medical Translation” (two-hour webinar)

  • What's That Name? — How Drugs Are Named (one-hour webinar) 


American Medical Writers Association (AMWA):

  • Basic Grammar and Usage (eight-hour course)

  • Cite It Like You Mean It (one-hour webinar)

  • Don't Believe Everything You See, Hear, or Read — The Art of Critical Thinking (one-hour webinar)

  • Elements of Medical Terminology (four-hour course)

  • Essential Ethics for Medical Communicators (four-hour course)

  • Punctuation for Clarity and Style (four-hour course)

  • Sentence Structure and Patterns (six-hour course)

  • Statistics for Medical Writers and Editors (four-hour course)

  • Tables and Graphs (six-hour course)

  • Using Plain Language to Communicate More Effectively with the Public (one-hour webinar)

American Translators Association (ATA):

  • Drugs, Medications, and Pharmacology — Implications for English-Spanish Translators (one-hour webinar)

  • Exploring Gender-Neutrality in Grammatically Gendered Languages (one-hour webinar)

  • The Power of "No" — Self-Confidence for Translators and Interpreters (one-hour webinar)

  • Research Methods for Medical Terminology (one-hour webinar)

  • Translating for the Pharmaceutical Industry and Language Access (one-hour webinar)

  • Translation and Interpreting Services at the National Institutes of Health (one-hour webinar)

Asociación Internacional de Traductores y Redactores de Medicina y Ciencias Afines (TREMÉDICA):

  • Interindividual Variability in Pharmacokinetics (two-hour webinar)

  • Translation of Informed Consent Forms in Clinical Studies (two-hour webinar)

Associació Professional de Traductors i Intèrprets de Catalunya (APTIC):

  • Translating InDesign Files (one-hour webinar)

Atlanta Association of Interpreters & Translators (AAIT):

  • Plain Language and Translation (two-hour webinar)


  • Biostatistics for Medical Translators and Interpreters (two-hour course)

  • Chemistry for Patent and Medical Translators (one-month course)

  • Mandatory Terminology in the Pharmaceutical Industry (one-month course)

  • Medical Terminology (one-month course)

  • Style Guidelines for Drafting and Translating Technical/Scientific Texts (one-month course)

  • Translation in the Pharmaceutical Industry (one-month course)

  • Translation of Clinical Trial Protocols (one-month course)

  • Translation of Medical Devices (one-month course)

  • Veterinary Translation (one-month course)

Blue Urpi:

  • Body-Related Idioms (two-hour webinar)

  • The Cardiovascular System (two-hour webinar)

  • Drugs and Medicines (two-hour webinar)

Fundació Dr. Antoni Esteve:

  • How to Write a Scientific Article (twelve-hour course)

Institut de Formació Mèdica i Lideratge (IFMiL):

  • How to Write Medical Reports Clearly and Effectively (ten-hour course)

LinkedIn Learning:

  • Grammar Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing (one-hour course)

  • Tips for Better Business Writing (one-hour course)

  • Tips for Writing Business Emails (one-hour course)

  • Writing Articles (one-hour course)

  • Writing in Plain Language (one-hour course)

  • Writing to Be Heard on LinkedIn (one-hour course)

  • Writing with Flair — How to Become an Exceptional Writer (five-hour course)

  • Writing with Impact (one-hour course)

  • Writing with Proper Punctuation (one-hour course)

Medical Interpreting Training School (MITS):

  • Basics of Interpreting (four-hour course)

  • Cardiology (four-hour course)

  • Endocrinology (four-hour course)

  • Ethics and Standards (four-hour course)

  • Medical Terminology (eight-hour course)

  • Nephrology (four-hour course)

  • Oncology (four-hour course)

  • Orthopedics (four-hour course)

  • Psychiatry (four-hour course)

Nevada Interpreters and Translators Association (NITA):

  • Drugs, Alcohol, and Fentanyl — Interpreting for Chemical Dependency Patients (four-hour webinar)

Regulatory Affairs Professional Society (RAPS):

  • Aftermath of EU Medical Device Regulation (one-hour webinar)

  • Intermediate Medical Writing — Investigational Applications (twelve-hour course)

  • Introductory Medical Writing (six-hour course)

The University of Queensland:

  • Introduction to Biomedical Imaging (three-month course)


ACES – The Society for Editing:

  • The Basics of Readability (one-hour webinar)

  • Copyediting for Inbound Marketing (one-hour webinar)

  • Editing Translations (one-hour webinar)


American Society of Radiologic Technologists (ASRT):

  • Contrast Media in Medical Imaging (one-hour webinar)

  • Occupational Hazards in Medical Imaging (one-hour webinar)

  • Radiographic Densities: Why Adipose Tissue Matters (one-hour webinar)

American Translators Association (ATA):

  • The Creative World of Transcreation and Copywriting (one-hour webinar)

  • Inbound Marketing for Translators (one-hour webinar)

  • Medical Terminology: Problem Solving through Parallel Texts (one-hour webinar)

  • Translating Diagnostic Imaging (one-hour webinar)


Asociación Uruguaya de Correctores de Estilo (AUCE):

  • Editing Bibliographies and Texts with Bibliographical References (four-hour webinar)

Blue Urpi:

  • Coronavirus Fundamentals for Translators and Interpreters (two-hour webinar)

  • Imaging for Translators and Interpreters (two-hour webinar)

The Johns Hopkins University:

  • Fundamental Neuroscience for Neuroimaging (one-month course)

LinkedIn Learning:

  • Advanced Grammar (two-hour course)

  • Communication Tips (four-hour course)

  • Editing and Proofreading Made Simple (one-hour course)

  • Managing Your Career as an Introvert (one-hour course)

  • Writing in Plain English (two-hour course)

Resolute Interpreting:

  • HIPAA Compliance (one-hour course)

  • Interpreter Ethics and Best Practices for Interpreters (one-hour course)

Salt Lake Community College:

  • Intro to Statistics (four-month course)


  • Inclusive Language (ten-hour course)

University of Pittsburgh:

  • Clinical Terminology for International and US Students (one-month course)


Utah Translators & Interpreters Association (UTIA):

  • The Biology and Lexicon of a Stroke (one-hour webinar)

  • Navigating Oncology (two-hour webinar)




  • General Transcription (one-hour course)


Midwest Association of Translators and Interpreters (MATI):


  • American English Pronunciation and Listening (one-hour webinar)

  • Copyediting and Proofreading as Part of the Translation Process (one-hour webinar)

  • Healthcare Interpreting (one-hour webinar)

  • PDFs, OCR, and Formatting (one-hour seminar)

  • Translating Emojis (one-hour webinar)


American Translators Association (ATA):


  • Ins and Outs of Game Localization (one-hour webinar)

  • Getting Started in Graphic Design: First Steps (one-hour course)

Midwest Association of Translators and Interpreters (MATI):

  • Formatting in MS Word (one-hour webinar)

  • Video Game Localization (one-hour webinar)


Sastre Martín:

  • Social Media Management (one-day seminar)


Associació Professional de Traductors i Intèrprets de Catalunya (APTIC):


  • Protocol in Official Events (one-hour seminar)

Cálamo y Cran:


  • Editing and Translating PDF Files (three-hour seminar)

INESDI Digital Business School:


  • Digital Media Management (three-day seminar)


Instituto Superior de Estudios Lingüísticos y Traducción (ISTRAD):


  • Subtitling and Dubbing — Principles and Theory (four ECTS credits)

  • Translation Techniques Applied to Subtitling (twelve ECTS credits)

  • Translation Techniques for the Hard of Hearing and Deaf (six ECTS credits)

Credentials: Services


Online & In-Person


  • AMWA Annual Conference (attendee)

  • ATA Annual Conference (attendee)

  • Innovation in Translation Summit (attendee)



  • AMWA Rocky Mountain Chapter Annual Conference (attendee)

  • Innovation in Translation Summit (attendee)


  • ATA Annual Conference (attendee)

  • Primera Semana del Lenguaje Claro de EnClaro (attendee)


  • CHICATA Translators Institute (attendee)

  • DePaul University Community Service and Network Engagement (speaker)


  • CHICATA Translators Institute (attendee)

  • MATI Annual Conference (attendee)

Credentials: Services


Ethics & Quality

American Translators Association (ATA):


  • ATA-Certified English into Spanish Translator (since 2017)


  • Certified Memsource User (since 2021)

Credentials: Services


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