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 ⚕️ Specializing in Healthcare & Medicine

My name is Antoni Chaim Maroto, and I'm a medical translator and interpreter whose goal is to help:

  • Hispanic patients with Limited English Proficiency access healthcare information and services

  • Clinics and hospitals provide solutions in Spanish in the United States of America

While I was born and raised in Spain, I acquired English as a second language early in life. In addition to regular school, where the main language of instruction was Spanish, I attended a few private English schools where teachers were native speakers. I also spent one summer living with a family and attending school in Ireland.

As a kid, I was fascinated by the Once Upon a Time... Life (Érase una vez... la vida in Spanish) animated series about the human body for children. Although I considered becoming a physician for some time, it was a lifelong love for communication and foreign languages that prevailed.


My career started in 2004 when a bank hired me to provide language services to individuals and companies. For the next 10+ years, I worked in customer service for banks and IT companies in Barcelona. That allowed me to take on financial and marketing translation projects, both in-house and independently.

In 2010, I completed a Licentiate in Translation and Interpreting at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. The following were the main subjects that I took:

  • General Translation

  • Native Languages – Catalan and Spanish

  • Foreign Languages – English, French, German, and Russian

  • Documentation, Technology, and IT applied to Translation and Interpreting

  • Specialized Translation – Audiovisual, Legal, Literary, and Scientific

  • Consecutive Interpreting

  • Simultaneous Interpreting

A licentiate is a type of degree that was phased out in Spain after implementing the Bologna declaration on the European Higher Education Area. According to Spain's Royal Decree 967/2014 of November 21, a licentiate degree is equivalent to a master's degree.

These are the language pairs that I'm most comfortable working with:

  • English → Spanish

  • English → Catalan

  • Catalan ↔ Spanish

In 2016, I relocated from Catalonia to the United States. My translation skills benefited by learning first-hand from the different American cultures and markets. That helped me pass the American Translators Association (ATA) certification exam a year later.

To retain my ATA-Certified English into Spanish Translator credential, I must complete 20 continuing education credits every three years. I believe that continuing professional development is a must to excel in my profession and meet my clients' needs at all times.


For many years, I considered myself a generalist translator who hoped to make it in the audiovisual field. Life, however, reminded me I could put to use all the medical knowledge that I had continued learning on my own over the years. That's when I chose medical translation as my specialization and began working with US clinics and hospitals.

My projects generally involve:

  • Clinical Records and Medical Opinions

  • Educational and Marketing Materials

  • Legal and Financial Agreements

  • Patient Forms, Instructions, and Questionnaires

Even though I'm not certified as a healthcare interpreter yet, I'm qualified to provide in-person medical interpreting services at doctor's appointments.

At present, I operate The Medical Communicator to serve healthcare providers and patients in the US in English and Spanish. Besides translation and interpreting, I'm also offering medical writing services.

As part of my commitment to continuing education, I'm currently studying the following programs:

  • AulaSIC – Master of Medical Translation

  • Medical Interpreting Training School – Spanish Interpreters Program

  • Stanford University – Writing in the Sciences

My favorite medical field is diagnostic imaging. I recently completed a Biomedical Imaging certificate program from The University of Queensland (Australia).

If you want to discuss your needs, please click below to start a conversation. I look forward to hearing from you!




  • Spanish-born Catalan-American

  • Based in Salt Lake City (Utah)

  • Providing Language Services since 2004

  • Freelancing since 2011

  • Lic. in Translation & Interpreting

  • ATA-Certified English into Spanish Medical Translator

  • Specialty in Diagnostic Imaging



  • American Medical Writers Association (AMWA)

  • American Translators Association (ATA)

  • Asociación Internacional de Traductores y Redactores de Medicina y Ciencias Afines (Tremédica)

  • Utah Translators & Interpreters Association (UTIA)


  • American Society of Radiologic Technologists (ASRT)

  • Associació Professional de Traductors i Intèrprets de Catalunya (APTIC)

  • Chicago Area Translators & Interpreters Association (CHICATA)

  • Mediterranean Editors & Translators (MET)

  • Midwest Association of Translators & Interpreters (MATI)

  • Plain Language Association International (PLAIN)

  • Spanish Editors Association (SEA)


  • Awarded Best Professional Language Services SME by Acquisition International Magazine (2019)

  • Nominated for Best Overall Professional Translator's Website by ProZ (2018)