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Based in Salt Lake City, Antoni Maroto is a medical translator who helps healthcare providers and Spanish-speaking patients bridge cultural and linguistic barriers in the United States.

Antoni's mission is to ensure that Hispanic patients with limited English proficiency have access to and receive the right care in US clinics and hospitals. His translation services focus on:

  • Clinical Records and Medical Opinions

  • Educational and Marketing Materials

  • Legal and Financial Agreements

  • Patient Forms, Instructions, and Questionnaires

Besides almost twenty years of professional experience, Antoni holds a licentiate in Translation & Interpreting and the ATA certification—two of the industry's most respected and recognized credentials.

Whether you need an accurate technical report or accessible content written in plain language, Antoni is happy to help you communicate with your English-, Catalan-, or Spanish-speaking audience!

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Catalan-American of Spanish Origin (he/him)

Hi! My name is Antoni, and I would like to thank you for visiting my website.

As an experienced professional translator, I've learned that:

• Not everyone who speaks two or more languages can translate well.

• Translation skills are not based solely on language proficiency, but also on knowledge of cultures and markets.

• Translators must specialize in the content in need of translation.

If you want high-quality translation work, it's most beneficial to seek a specialized native speaker. That person must have valid credentials, such as experience, education, references, and certifications.

Along with my unique multinational background, I have the resources and skills needed to produce accurate medical translations. Additionally, continuing medical education allows me to meet my clients' needs at all times.




Producing a document in a different language with the same meaning as the original.

Medical and healthcare-related documents, as well as general documents.


Adapting a product or message for a specific market, so it feels like it was created for such market.

European Spanish (Spain), US Spanish, and Central Catalan (Catalonia's standard).


Transforming audio or video into text by following strict or clean verbatim guidelines.

Insurance- and law enforcement-related phone calls and recorded statements.


Checking terms, punctuation, and style, ensuring an error-free, cohesive final product.

Original and translated texts in English, Catalan, and Spanish – also Plain Language.



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Antoni began working in customer care for banks and IT companies in Barcelona—his city of origin—in 2004.

That allowed him to take on financial and marketing translation projects for 10+ years.

By 2016, Antoni relocated to the United States and began focusing on healthcare and medical translation.

He specializes in imaging (e.g., radiographs, CT scans, MRIs, ultrasounds, and PET scans).

Upon completing his licentiate in Translation and Interpreting in 2010, Antoni began his freelance career.

Aside from medical-related work, he has collaborated with other industries.



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• Translating since 2004
• Freelancing since 2011


• Recommendations (LinkedIn)

• Testimonials (website)


• Lic. in Translation & Interpreting (2010)
• Continuing medical education


• ATA-certified (English-Spanish) since 2017



If needed, references are available upon request.

You may also check Antoni's LinkedIn profile for recommendations.


Courtney Vasile – Project Manager

"As a project manager, I had the privilege of working with Antoni at Prisma International from 2018 to 2020. He was always an outstanding vendor to work with, and I have always been impressed by his professionalism and admirable personal qualities. As a Spanish translator, Antoni demonstrates his attention to detail, responsiveness, and passion for translation. He responds to emails promptly upon receipt and is quick to ask for clarification if any part of the project is unclear. He always provides feedback on his translation strategy, and will never hesitate to offer suggestions on wording and tone."


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